Hardwood Floor Cleaning

    After years of foot traffic and many other factors it’s easy to see how hardwood floor cleaning is important to invest in since to replace them can cost you $1,000s of dollars. Hardwood floor cleaning in Fayetteville NC is what we do!


    Hardwood floor cleaning


    Using a mop and water can be damaging to your hardwood floors cause future bowing and water damage. We take the time to to inspect your hardwood floors with you and discuss if cleaning and refinishing them is necessary.


    • Our process begins with us sweeping and vacuuming up any loose soils on the floors.

    • Afterwards we put down our commercial grade neutral cleaning solution to help break any soils in the clear coat finish.

    • After that we use our industrial strength floor scrubbing machine that allows us to to scrub deep into your floor while still soft enough to not harm the hardwood floors.

    • We then bring in our special hardwood floor cleaning machine to allow us to vacuum up all the suspended soils.

    • Finally after the floors have dried, we put down our commercial grade floor refinishing product that will be able to protect your hardwood floors and bring back a nice shine!



    Sanding And Refinishing

    Unfortunately after many years of neglect and improper care some hardwood floors will need to be sanded and refinished to bring back to life.


    Hardwood floor sanding


    What’s the Difference?, You May Ask

    When neglected and improperly cared for the polyurethane coat protecting the hardwood floors can begin to wear down to the point of no more and is unprotected. Cleaning and putting down a refinish coat will not help the problem. Sanding and refinishing the floors will be required


    What Are the Benefits of Having Your Hardwood Floors Refinished?

    • New Looking Floors

    • Ability to Choose Floor Color

    • Builds Value in Home Investment

    • Lower Cost than Replacing Floors


    A easy way to see if Hardwood Floor sanding and refinishing is needed, get a spoon and just fill it up with a little water. Pour the water on the water floor with a paper towel with you to pick it up after. If the water bubbles up then you only need to have it cleaned, But if it soaks into the floor and darkens then the floor needs to be sanded.


    • Our process starts with a vacuuming of the floors to get up all loose debris and removing any quarter round trim.

    • Next we remove any staples or metal objects in the floor.

    • After that we begin our sanding process with our industrial floor sanding machine starting with a abrasive 32 grit sanding to a more fine sanding of 80 grit.

    • After that we fill in any cracks, holes, gouges and any other imperfections in the hardwood floor.

    • We then do one final pass of sanding with a 120 grit fine sanding and vacuum up after.

    • At this point we will wipe down the floors to make sure there is no dust on them and apply a optional stain to change the color of the floor.

    • Finally we put down a commercial grade polyurethane finish to protect your hardwood.

    • Floor with the option to choose from three types of shine, satin, semi-glossy, and glossy.


    After having your hardwood floors sanded and refinished, you will be the talk of the neighborhood!


    Optional Payment Plan

    At R&K we can understand getting your home looking nice but Financial reasons can stop us from investing into our home. That’s why here at R&K we have optional financing to be able to not have to worry about paying it all up front.

    Now you can have your hardwood floors looking nice and not have to worry about financial reasons.


    Call today at 910-709-5522 about having us come out to your home.